The spa zone,
for relaxing and enjoying
the benefits of water therapy

The spa zone
is located on the
ground floor of El Castell

Steam bath,
Jacuzzi and rainfall
effect shower

Jacuzzi with a capacity of
up to six people, holding
1,600 litres of water

In winter,
enjoy the contrast...
with a hot bath

For additional comfort,
the area has radiant
underfloor heating

Spa zone

The spa zone is made up of two main areas: the steam bath and the Jacuzzi.

The Jacuzzi has a capacity of 1,600 litres of water. The water is recirculated by means of an overflow system whereby the water fills up the pool tub and cascades over the edge. It has seats at various depths to accommodate up to six people and a bench for stretching out.

The hydro-massage effect of the Jacuzzi features 42 bubble jets in the floor and the seats and five jets in the walls of the pool. The room housing the Jacuzzi has an area for stretching out and relaxing after bathing with views over the old quarter of the town through large windows. Given that the Alt Berguedà region is generally cool and can be extremely cold in the winter, the floor of the spa zone has radiant heating.

We have also created a steam bath area in a vaulted chamber of 19 m2 with a capacity of up to eight people where you can indulge in a relaxing steam bath at a temperature of 42ºC. The steam generated in the bath is mixed with essence of eucalyptus to help clear the respiratory passages.

When you leave the steam chamber there is a rainfall-effect shower to refresh the body and tone up the muscles.

If what you want is to take care of yourself and relax even more, in our spa area you will find a massage service. A professional, discreet and attentive service at your disposal. Contact us for more information.

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