El Castell
of La Pobla de Lillet:
637 m2 of history

El Castell stands in the old
quarter of La Pobla de Lillet,
once flanked by the waters of the Llobregat and Arija rivers

The original fortress was built
in 1297, while the new structure
dates back to 1716-1719

The building was raised over the
ruins of the ancient fortress built
by the Mataplana dynasty

It was completely restored
in 2008 as a
luxury guesthouse

The property is fully equipped for
group stays and events, offering
guests a unique slice of history


The drawing below shows the original enclave which dates back to 1297. You can make out the main features: the bridge leading to the old Castle, now known as El Castell de la Vila, which is now in ruins, and the new settlement of the Mataplana family.

Given the topography of the land, it would have been logical for the initial structure to be a large bridge to get across this geographical feature. The only remains of this bridge today is the arch above the River Llobregat.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine that the catchment area of the water was so vast, but descriptions dating from that time make reference to a luxuriant and very humid place. Indeed, it was this access that made the location so perfect for building a new fortress, protected by the waters of the Llobregat and Arija rivers. Of the western wing of the old castle there is only half left, now restored, which was disfigured by the construction of the present church, taking advantage of a big fire that badly damaged the property. The new structure was built between 1716 and 1719. The section that was not included in the church was restored to serve as a rectory. This last section was upgraded as a residence for holding events and is the property now featured on this website.

Information taken from the article written by Lídia Guillén in the magazine L’Erol (1997)

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